Our firm exclusively practices municipal law. Knock on any door in our Farmington Hills or Lansing offices and you’ll find one of two things: A generalist, well-qualified to serve as your city attorney, or a specialist who has handled scores or even hundreds of zoning disputes, liability lawsuits, testy labor negotiations, development agreements, prosecutions, appeals and constitutional challenges.

We don’t say, “We’ve seen it all,” because just when we do we encounter some new twist on an old problem, but we’ve seen more of it than anybody else. We bring our clients more than just experience; we bring them innovation based on experience. We can take a thorny problem to someone versed in the subject matter or even to a specialist in another area who brings a new perspective.

We give back to the community

We believe in good government to protect the life and liberty of all our citizens and we put our words into action by serving as elected and appointed officials in our home communities. In the halls at RSJA you’ll find

  • A former mayor
  • A city council member
  • Two current or former planning commissioners, and
  • Three current or former zoning board of appeals members.

We give back to our profession

When our professional organizations ask us to share our expertise, we say “yes.” We regularly speak, and write for books, blogs and periodicals to keep those involved in public service up to speed on frequently changing and “hot” issues. We present to or write for at least 15 organizations serving attorneys, municipal administrators, elected officials, planners, insurers and law enforcement agencies.